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Fun With Fitness Case Study

In 2009, Belinda approached me to ask me if I would help her to start a business by building a website for her.  At the time, I was employed by a local ecommerce business and had some good SEO skills.

I built the site using HTML and CSS (the language of the web), having amended a free template chosen by Belinda.  We worked together to develop content that would be engaging and fun.

After we had built the site, I went to work on the Search Engine Optimisation of the site. I tweaked the content to ensure that the pages were great for the humans reading it, but would also be understood by the search engines.

Within a few weeks, Belinda’s website began generating good quality enquiries from people finding her on the net for the terms they searched.  The site regularly ranked on the first page of search results for her running clubs and aerobics classes.



The business developed and grew.  Belinda began to offer new classes and more sessions.  Eventually the business grew to the point where she realised that it would be more effective to get her own studio, rather than hire halls to run her classes.

In 2013, the Fun With Fitness studio was launched, opened by Colchester MP, Bob Russell.  The business had grown to the point where Belinda began to take on other members of staff to lead classes and assist with administration.

So, in 2015, we rebuilt Belinda’s website using a content management system.  The CMS allows Belinda to write her own blogs, upload new photos and update her pages for herself.

The change of architecture had to be carefully planned as we didn’t want to have any negative effect on existing page positions in the search index.  It was important that we keep the content the same and that we continue to use the good quality SEO practices from before.

It was important to Belinda that we keep the casual, friendly feel of the old website, even though we were going to start the design from afresh.  Take a look at the result:



Client Recommendation

Here’s what Belinda has to say:

“Where would I be without my website? It provides a good 70% of my enquiries. Where do you go if you want to find something? Of course – we all go to Google.

Kat was really good for me. She first took time to get to know the business and what it was about. She took time to get to know me and the message that I was trying to get across. From then on the website just took on its own identity. Gradually adding one page after another, Kat was able to run with the website because she now understood the message I needed to convey to our future clients.

We are so very different from a gym so it was very important to get that across and the website did that for us nicely. When people enquire by telephone, text or email they already know what they are buying into, so those that do enquire are already potential clients not just enquiries.

Belinda Kerrins, BSc Sports Science

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