Facebook Business Pages

As part of your local business growth plan, you need to set up and maintain a Facebook page. This will give you the ability to be seen, liked and shared - it's the new word of mouth. Cherry rock are able to help you get started - by setting up your page, showing you how to use it and helping you understand how to really engage with your audience.

Which phone to choose? Apple iPhone 5S or the Sony Xperia Z1?

Setting aside the fact that most users have a personal preference for either the Apple or Android operating systems, I'm writing this review imagining that an alien has landed, understands the concept of mobile phones, but knows neither system and is therefore unbiased. What are the things that he will want to know before he buys his new smartphone?

Battery Life

Modern smartphones demand far more of their batteries with users wanting always-on email and facebook updates, bright screen displays and multi-tasking. It's important to know that a … Continue Reading ››

BlackBerry Messenger – BBM – on Android and iPhone this weekend

BlackBerry(R) LogoFor a long time now, Apple has had iMessage - a way of sending text messages between iPhone, iPod and iPad users without paying SMS charges.  It uses your wifi connection or your 3G data bundle which is far cheaper. Blackberry has had BlackBerry Messenger BBM on its platform allowing instant messaging between Blackberry users - again using wifi or data bundles - some network deals included BBM instant messages for … Continue Reading ››