The best SEO is no SEO

This may sound a bit crazy given that I am an SEO specialist. The thing is - Google doesn't want you to write for Search Engines, it wants you to write for customers. So this is what you need to do. Look at each of the page elements and decide how they would help a customer.

Page Title and Meta Description

The page title - often known as the most important part of seo - is not there for a Search Engine, the … Continue Reading ››

Spreading your butter too thin

I was talking with a young aspiring entrepreneur in the pub on Friday night.  We were talking about his business idea and got on to the subject of his business plan.  I wanted to briefly share what we talked about. I asked him some questions to test how much he had thought about his idea beyond the dream.  When I asked him about his target market, he wasn't able to define any characteristics about them other than they were between 18 … Continue Reading ››

What’s so special about you?

OK, the question is rude, but it demonstrates my point exactly.  This blog aims to help you identify what your Unique Selling Proposition/Point  (USP) is and show you why you need one when you come to have a website built.

Identify your Unique Selling Proposition/Point

Think about what your business does. Unless you're a sole licensed manufacturer of a high-demand product, it's likely you have competitors offering the same or similar services as you. Your potential customers want to know what distinguishes you from … Continue Reading ››

New Ransomware Trojan – Prevention is the only cure!!!

This is a quick post to warn all my clients, friends, family and colleagues of a new type of trojan that is attacking computers.  A fellow IT professional highlighted it to me and I'd like to re-iterate what you can do to prevent becoming a victim of these b******s. CryptoLogger arrives as a .pdf document attachment in an email.  When you click to open it, it executes a file which begins encrypting your files.  Anti-virus software will eventually kick in and … Continue Reading ››