The best SEO is no SEO

This may sound a bit crazy given that I am an SEO┬áspecialist. The thing is – Google doesn’t want you to write for Search Engines, it wants you to write for customers. So this is what you need to do. Look at each of the page elements and decide how they would help a customer.

Page Title and Meta Description

The page title – often known as the most important part of seo – is not there for a Search Engine, the page title is there to let the customer know what the page is about. ┬áThink about it: when you are browsing the Internet and you have multiple pages open, the only way that you can tell which page is which is to read the page title.

Google Search Results Page showing Meta Description and Page Title
Why a good Page Title and Meta Description is important to your customer

The meta description helps a customer when reviewing search results decide which page has the most appropriate content for their search.

Image Titles and Alt Descriptions

Image titles and alt descriptions are there to help customers with limited visual ability who might be using screen readers.

Headings are Signposts

Titles, headings and subheadings are there to break the content into easily manageable sections. When you view a webpage you rarely start at the beginning and read all the way through to the end. You usually scan the page to quickly find the content that is of most interest to you. You may decide that all of the content is relevant to you, however the sub headings help you to decide where to read.

Making Your Content Scannable

Bullet points and numbered lists break the content up further, making it easier to read and assimilate the information.

When writing a page about a subject, think about the alternative words your customers may use to describe the product, service or subject. Whilst you may be selling a screwdriver, your customer may be looking for a paint tin lid opener.

  • Keep your content concise and helpful for the customer.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Add value by giving them information around their question.
  • Keep the language plain and easy to read.

If the page is what the customer wants to read then this is what a search engine wants to provide.

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