New Ransomware Trojan – Prevention is the only cure!!!

This is a quick post to warn all my clients, friends, family and colleagues of a new type of trojan that is attacking computers.  A fellow IT professional highlighted it to me and I’d like to re-iterate what you can do to prevent becoming a victim of these b******s.

CryptoLogger arrives as a .pdf document attachment in an email.  When you click to open it, it executes a file which begins encrypting your files.  Anti-virus software will eventually kick in and stop it from completing, but a significant proportion of your files will be locked before that happens.

The CryptoLogger then offers to ‘sell’ you a key to decrypt your files – for $300!!! Reports are that the decryption keys do not work and why would you give your bank or credit card details to these scammers anyway?

The level of encryption is so great that you cannot find a way to unlock your files. Recovery is ONLY possible if you have a FULL BACKUP of ALL your files. Get in contact with me if you would like to find an affordable and simple backup solution.

To avoid getting caught by this trojan, THINK before opening any file attachments you receive by email. Did you request the document? Were you expecting the document? Do you know that the email is from the real sender, not someone in disguise?  If you’re not sure, call the sender and double-check with them that they sent the document to you.

To recap:

  • Think before opening email attachments. If in doubt – check with the sender.
  • Make sure you have a full backup of all your important files.

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