Website Content Writer in Colchester

The old web design maxim is still true – Content is King.

Your website content has to perform a number of vital tasks:

  • Provide accurate information
  • Answer the reader’s question
  • Prompt your customer to act
  • Promote a keyword  for search engine indexing
  • Keep the reader’s attention

How do we accomplish this?

Accurate Information for your Website

You know your business inside-out. Our content writers need to learn about your product or service and understand it. The best way to do this is to have a chat with you and ask you questions.

We take any written information you already have and work with it to make it appropriate for the web.  This information may be in the form of existing marketing brochures, fact sheets, sales emails and pitches.

Answering a potential customer’s question

We research the topic to establish the questions that may lead a customer to land on your web page. We then set about answering them. We provide enough information to reassure the reader that you are an expert in your field.

Getting the customer to act

A vital part of a sales process is getting the customer to take the next step. Usually the desired action is adding a product to a basket and making a purchase or making an enquiry with you for a quote. Your customer should naturally want to take the next step.

We employ a ‘Call to Action’. This could be an Add to Cart button, a Call Now sign with your telephone number, or a simple enquiry form.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many content writers make the mistake of writing for the search engines first and the reader second.  Google’s algorithm is now so finely-tuned and our advice is always to write for the customer.

For this reason, it’s only now that we look at the content to tweak it to better place your page in search results.

Taking the information we’ve gleaned from our conversations with you, we perform keyword research to establish the highest searched terms.  We make subtle alterations to the text and structure. The tweaks are designed to signpost to search engines and help them understand what the page is about.

Have we kept your attention? Good, now talk to us about content for your website.

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