Local PC repair service with a free initial telephone consultation and a service guarantee.


Do you have problems with your computer?

Is it broken, too slow or virus-ridden?

This is your Colchester-based fix it service for your home computer.

  • I’ll give you a price before I start work
  • I can work in your home or I can fix it at mine
  • I can upgrade your machine if it’s possible
  • I’ll tell you if it would be better/cheaper to buy new

£25 per hour – NO FIX – NO FEE … Guaranteed!

Call me on 01206 807 295 for a FREE 5-10 minute telephone consultation.


I also specialise in:

  • Broadband
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Smartphones

Bought a new computer? I can help you create backups of all your important photos and documents and transfer them onto your new PC.

Concerned about security? I can help you to protect yourself against viruses, malware and other attacks.

Want to ensure your family are protected? I can advise you on privacy and parental controls.

Confused by your broadband or having trouble with your network? I can set up your broadband and connect any phones and other wifi devices.


NO FIX – NO FEE Guarantee Terms

Please make sure you have your original operating system disk(s) with your licence key, or know that you have a system restore partition on your hard drive so that I can restore your system if nothing else will fix your computer.

If I think you need to replace a piece of hardware such as a memory board, hard disk or power supply unit; I will find you a suitable, well-priced part and help you through making your purchase. Once the part is delivered to you, I will return to your home to install the part and get you up and running.

If I need to rebuild/reinstall your PC from scratch, I will let you know beforehand and can offer you help to rescue any precious data from the hard drive. This is not always possible – depending on the fault – but if you require this service, I will do everything I can to salvage your data. Prevention is better than cure : I am always happy to make recommendations on your best back up choices – including some great free services.

As I often fix a problem on-the-spot, please can I ask that you have the fee ready, as I cannot offer credit terms?  I’m a lot cheaper than most plumbers and electricians.

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